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Birth Education Classes 

Comprehensive, Independent Childbirth Courses

Created by Midwife Shelly Varelli, CPM and taught by OHMI Midwives, Apprentices, & Local Doulas

Takes place the second Sunday of each month, 1:00 PM to 4:00 PM, starting on Nov 12, 2023, and ending on Jun 09, 2024. 

At OHMI Midwives, we believe that preparation for childbirth is key to having a positive and empowering experience. Our childbirth education series is designed with your unique needs in mind, whether you are planning to give birth in the hospital, birth center, or at home, we provide you with the knowledge and tools you need to make informed choices throughout your pregnancy, birth, and postpartum journey. With in-person classes once a month will help you build community and connect with other parents in your area. Our independent and inclusive approach covers six different topics. You’ll also receive bonus workbooks (sent as a PDF) and custom follow-up emails with additional resources/handouts for each class.

 Let us help you prepare for the birth of your child with confidence and excitement.

Fee is $85 per 3-hour class (attendance for two people), or sign up for the whole six-week series to include 18 hours of education, for just $340. (an $85 savings). Classes are offered at no charge to existing OHMI clients.

Class series includes:

  • Class One (Nov 2023): Anatomy, Optimal Fetal Positioning, Holistic & Clinical Stages of Labor 

  • Class Two (Dec 2023): Comfort Measures & Natural Pain Relief Options for Labor & Birth

  • Class Three (Jan 2024): Shared Decision-Making, Evidence-Based Care, Interventions, Birth Trends

  • Class Four (Feb 2024): Lactation & Infant Feeding Options

  • Class Five (Mar 2024): Postpartum Healing

  • Class Six (April 2024): Normal Newborn Care 

  • Class One (May 2024): Anatomy, Optimal Fetal Positioning, Holistic & Clinical Stages of Labor 

  • Class Two (June 2024): Comfort Measures & Natural Pain Relief Options for Labor & Birth

We also offer a Homebirth Specific Prep Course - Scheduled as Needed.

Young Couple Expecting
Birthing Room

Homebirth Prep Class

What does it look like to birth at home? This class covers everything from supplies, your birth team, what you can expect from your midwives, safety, set up & clean up.

Anatomy & Physiology of Birth: 
Holistic and Clinical Stages of Labor.

In this class with go through everything you need to know to understand labor and birth!

Comfort Measures & Pain Relief Options for Labor.  

This is a hands-on, in-person class to explore preferences and work directly with your support person.

Copy of CBE Informed decision making and birth plans April 2021 Version_edited.jpg
Infant Feeding.JPG

Postpartum Healing & Recovery 

This class covers the immediate postpartum period through 6 weeks and more!

Informed Decision Making, Intervention, and Birth Trends. 

Identify your personal values and explore how they relate to standard protocols, evidence, and your options.

Lactation & Infant Feeding 

Understanding how your body makes milk, and explore ALL the options for feeding your baby.

OHMI Midwives, LLC
Alternate Childbirth Education Options

Updated 9/1/2023

Local in-person or Hybrid Class as a series: 

  • Janice Weaver with Peaceful Birthing (Southfield, Mi) -also available via Zoom, HypnoBirthing (The Mongan Method) & Childbirth Education, 5-week group class: $350

  • Tree Town Doulas (Ann Arbor, Mi), 6 week comprehensive course: $350

  • Ann Arbor Doulas (Ann Arbor, Mi), this series offers two evenings in a virtual setting and one full day of interactive in-person learning and activities (9 hours total): $275


Condensed 1-day, In-person Courses:


Private Class via Local, Zoom or In-person:


On-Demand, Self-Paced Classes:


Other Additional Class Options:

  • Spinning Babies, Parent Class: digital class available: $26.99,purchase link

  • The Educated Birth, -pre recorded, self-paced classes to expand your support 

    • Intro to Trauma-Informed Care

    • Everything Placenta: The Amazing, Essential Organ for Pregnancy + Postpartum

    • Combatting Cisnormative Blind spots in Repro Health + Birth Care

    • Companioning through Childloss

    • Lactation + Hand Expression Before Birth

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